SSA Award

The SUM Student Scientific Association is pleased to award the SUM Award once a year. Professor Franciszek Kokot for Academic Teachers who have made special contributions to the Student Scientific Association, who perform their duties as Academic Teachers in an exemplary manner, enjoy authority among students and colleagues, stand out in the implementation of tasks undertaken as part of the activities of the Student Scientific Association and thus , contribute significantly to the development and promotion of students' scientific activities.

List of Winners: 

2019 Honorary Award of prof. Ph.D. n. med. Katarzyna Mizia-Stec 

2019 prof. Ph.D. n. med. Łukasz Krzych 

2020 Honorary Award dr hab. n. med. Grażyna Markiewicz Łoskot

2020 Ph.D. n. med. Grażyna Deja

2021 Honorary Award of the SUM IT and Informatization Center

2021 Ph.D. n. med. Sabina Więcek

2022 Honorary Award prof. Ph.D. n. med. Jerzy Stojko

2023 prof. Ph.D. n. med. Justyna Paprocka

Full rules for awarding the prize are available here.